Experience the Authentic Flavours of the Italian Mediterranean at OTTO Restaurant in Bangkok

Experience the Authentic Flavours of the Italian Mediterranean at OTTO Restaurant in Bangkok

April 17, 2023

Bangkok, January 2023: OTTO Italian Restaurant at the recently launched MUU Bangkok offers a taste of classic and modern southern Italian and Mediterranean cuisine paired with unique wines. Dining at OTTO is signing up for a culinary adventure that creates food memories bringing joy as diners bond over their shared experience and discovery. This concept of casual, fine dining inspired by the Mediterranean allows guests to discover the true taste and feel of the region. The name Otto (Italian for “eight”) reflects its location in prime Thong Lo at Eight Thonglor.

Chef Joe serves up a creative menu featuring classic and modern Italian and Mediterranean dishes paired with an exciting selection of organic from Italy and France.

The decor of OTTO captures the essence of the Italian coastline and the Mediterranean region, with a colour scheme of white, yellow, and green taking advantage of its poolside location. These colours are associated with the region’s sun, sea, and lush foliage and create a bright and inviting atmosphere in the restaurant.

The restaurant has incorporated textured fabrics and natural materials to add a casual and warm feel. A mix of patterns and textures also helps to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, soft lighting and cosy accents, such as cushions, contribute to the overall sense of comfort and warmth in the restaurant. Overall, the decor of this restaurant is meant to evoke the natural beauty and casual, welcoming atmosphere of the Mediterranean, and to create a space that is inviting and comfortable, a space the diners can call their own.

OTTO’s talented chef, Nanthapreecha Chamnipa (friends call him Joe), brings over a decade of experience in Italian cuisine and a passion for bringing authentic flavours to the table.

Growing up in a small town in Thailand, he would often help his father in the kitchen, learning how to use fresh ingredients from the local market. When he turned 18, Joe decided to pursue his passion for cooking and enrolled in a culinary school in Bangkok. After graduating, Joe worked with some of the best chefs, falling in love with Italian cuisine, its bold flavours, and its commitment to fresh seasonal produce.

Today he wows diners with his culinary creations, using only the freshest ingredients and staying true to traditional Italian cooking techniques.

The warm climate of Southern Italy (and the Mediterranean) and its abundant fresh produce are reflected in the vibrant, colourful dishes on Chef Joe’s menu. One of the standout features of cuisine from the south of Italy is its use of olive oil. As it is also home to some of the world’s finest olive oil producers, Chef Joe uses Sicilian extra virgin oil to bring the region’s flavours and richness to the plate.

Highlights from his carefully curated menu include Burrata E Pomodorini (Italian burrata, heirloom tomatoes & extra virgin olive oil), Carpaccio di Gambero di Rosso (Raw red shrimp tartare, Caviar, Extra virgin olive oil), Tagliatelle Ragu’ Bolognese (Homemade tagliatelle with a rich meat sauce, slowly cooked), Risotto ai Frutti di Mare (Seafood risotto with squid, prawns & black mussels), Halibut Arrosto (Roasted Norway’s halibut fillet with sauteed green & sauteed cube potatoes, red bell pepper sauce).

The creative menu is paired with an exciting wine selection that features a range of organic and one-of-a-kind labels from Italy and France, adding to the authentic Mediterranean experience. The team has carefully curated this list of exceptional wines to provide our guests with a diverse and high-quality selection of wines to complement their meals.

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